What could go wrong?


I'm totally on board with Anthoupoulos' grand plan and really looking forward to this season. That said, with fans often prone to thinking about the pie-in-the-sky possibilities and overrating their team's players, it's good to sometimes play devil's advocate and consider the potential downside. I thought this answer from Richard Griffin in his latest mail bag summarizes very well what could go wrong. He's not saying any or all of this will go wrong, and neither am I, just something to keep in mind. __________________________ Q. Griff - what a trade!! AA is the toast of the town and must be building quite the reputation. While I applaud the move, what is concerning is the potential for a porous defense this year. Is Rajai the answer in CF or is AA going to tinker some more? Mauro Cavazzon, Markham A. I myself was looking to join the AA fan club but when I went online and applied they invited me to a meeting with a bunch of drunks trying to kick the habit. Confusion. So I've pulled back and just become an AA admirer for the moment. As you point out this season has a chance to be a disaster led by the D. Consider: if Arencibia can't do the job and his lack of hitting drags his pitch-calling into the gutter and the young starters take a step backwards; if Adam Lind can't handle the intricacies and footwork at first base and they put Edwin there as the answer; if Lind and Aaron Hill repeat their down seasons; if Yunel Escobar, after his hugely encouraging half-season in Toronto, shows why the Braves got rid of him and sort of stiffs; if Bautista hates third base and his HR total drops into the 20s; if Travis Snider, Rajai Davis and Juan Rivera form the starting outfield and the power alleys become cul-de-sacs; if the sum of the bullpen parts is less than the whole; if John Farrell is only a pitching coach in manager's clothing. Then yikes. AA needs to tinker some more. It could drive me to drink.