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Make your predictions: Travis Snider

Travis Snider had, well, an interesting season last year:

Playing almost every day in April, he had a terrible start to the year hitting .155/.277/.338.

May came and he started slugging the way we all hoped he would, .378/.404/.711. About half way through the month he was put on the DL. After his rehab time was over, in a move that I still find inexplicable, the Jays left him in the minors. The good news for Travis is that, doing that, the Jays used up his last option, so the team can't send him down again. He was brought up again at the end of July.

In August, starting about 2/3's of the games he didn't hit much, .238/.281/.381.

In September he hit .289/.303/.515.


2010 - Travis Snider 82 298 36 76 20 0 14 32 21 79 6 3 .255 .304 .463

 Not great, not terrible, 14 homers in about half a season shows there is a fair bit of power there. Fangraphs credits him with a 1.5 WAR.

His defense, not thought to be the strength of his game, rated quite good last year. He had a 10.4 UZR in the outfield. To me he looks fine in the outfield, I doubt there are Gold Gloves in his future, but I'd think he'll be at least average as a corner outfielder. 

Bill James figures him to hit .273/.337/.495 with 16 home runs in 340 at bats. All I can say is if he only plays that much, we are in trouble. We are not exactly deep in the outfield. 

I'm optimistic. For one, he can't get sent down to the minors. Two, Cito never seemed to be his biggest fan. And three, he still very young. He turns 23 next year. 

I'll guess .280/.340/.550 with 29 home runs, 90 RBI in, please please, 600 at bats.