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Bluebird Links - Hall of Fame Day

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Sorry for the delay between Links posts. Christmas holidays were busy as always, and I've been really sick the past few days. Basically, I haven't looked at a computer in a week, so it's taken me a bit to get back into it this morning. Lots of Hall of Fame reading today with the decisions to be announced this afternoon.

Hall of Fame Links

Alomar should not fall short this time around
Scott Stinson remembers a different Alomar moment than most people. What was your favorite Alomar moment? Mine is probably his homerun off of Eck in the '92 ALCS.

Larry Walker’s numbers hampered by injuries - The Globe and Mail
Blair with a quick look at Walker's career.

FAN590 - Blogs - Miked Up " Blog Archive " My Ballot
How Wilner would vote if he had a ballot.

These guys have done the hard part for the Hall of Fame resume…now don’t get hurt
10 young players that could easily make the Hall one long as they stay healthy.

Scott Rolen: Extremely Underrated? - Beyond the Box Score
Making a very early case for Rolen in the Hall.

Hall Of Fame Voters Are Idiots | Blog Archive | Getting Blanked
Not so impressed with the voters (specifically, one of the ESPN voters).

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Jays Links

Top 50 Jays Prospects, Jays Journal Edition: #32 Michael Crouse | Jays Journal
Jays Journal with a Canadian as their number 32 prospect.

Jays Realize Return on Arbitration Offers | FanGraphs Baseball
Jack Moore takes a look at the value of the Jays compensation picks. 7 of the top 72 picks in the upcoming draft is a good haul.

Jose Bautista headlines Toronto Blue Jays' arbitration cases | News
Regarding Rajai Davis:

The native of Connecticut is expected to start in the outfield while hitting leadoff for the Blue Jays as Bautista transitions back to third base.

I've been out of the loop for a week, but is this official, or is Gregor Chisholm speculating?

The Carousel of Crappy Closers Goes Round and Round… | 500 Level Fan
A comparison of recent Jays reliever signings.

Getting Booked: The Getting Blanked Baseball Book Club | Blog Archive | Getting Blanked
Might be worth checking out for anyone in the Toronto area.

Ghostrunner on First: I Defy You to Make Sense of Jesse Litsch
Drew doesn't like Litsch and thinks Rzepcynzski is a better option.

Goodbye Garfoose | Blog Archive | Getting Blanked
I wonder if any other Jays player that only played in 15 games gets talked about as much as Hayhurst?

Around the League

The Pitchers of the Decade (2001-2010) | It's About The Money
Some fun graphs. Halladay is sitting near the top in most categories. A follow up post is here, regarding different start and end points.

Source: Orioles, reliever Kevin Gregg agree on $10-million, two-year contract - The Globe and Mail
Gregg finally signs with the Orioles.

Adrian Beltre Is Not Movitated by Contract Years | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron debunks the Beltre contract year performance myths.

Stadium Boom Amounts to Fountain of Youth for MLB Parks - Beyond the Box Score
A look at MLB stadium age. Very interesting.