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Thursday Bantering: Poll Time

You would think, seeing as I'm just back from holiday, there would be lots of things I'd like to write about. But no.

Not that the Jays are helping, their big news of the day is that their Winter Tour is starting Friday at the Scarborough YMCA. So if you are in Scarborough and want to see J.P. Arencibia and Jesse Litsch, head over to the Y at 4:30 on Friday.

They didn't do all that much while I was gone either, picking up relievers Octavo Dotel and Chad Cordero. Adding in yesterday's signing of Wil Ledezma, we seem to be cornering the market on relievers that could, maybe, be ok, if everything goes right and pitching coach Bruce Walton really is a miracle worker. I'm not really against the signings, more depth isn't a bad thing, but I'm not sure that they will do a better job than the young arms we already have. I wouldn't mind giving them some experience.

Anyway I thought I'd put up a poll asking you all who you figure will get to the most saves for the Jays this year.