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Bluebird Links - Robby Alomar & the Hall of Fame, Mark Eichhorn and 2011 predictions

Happy Friday everyone!  No surprise, but 90% of all articles are about the Hall of Fame and Roberto Alomar so slim picks for interesting reading on the web.  I can only read so many Star/Globe/Sun etc. articles saying the exact same thing before I start going crazy.

Rob Neyer as ESPN had an interesting take though.  Check out the article here.  I'm typically indifferent on letting steroid users into the Hall, but Neyer brings up a very interesting point about halfway through this article. If Larkin is the only player to get elected next year, that will leave 7/8 holdover candidates with Hall worthy stats for the 2013 election year, and it gets worse from there.  Take a look at the players that start to become eligible:

  • 2013:  Bonds, Clemens, Schilling, Biggio, Sosa, Piazza, Loften
  • 2014:  Maddux, Frank Thomas, Mussina, Glavine
  • 2015:  Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Smoltz, Sheffield

Based on the 1-2 candidates a year that are getting voted in recently, there will be a logjam. How many 'Hall worthy' candidates can you have in a year before they start blocking each other from obtaining the required 75% required vote.

Tango does some fancy math stuff here, and comes to the conclusion that on average about 2.5 players have to get elected per year to avoid a logjam.  Since 2006, only an average of 1.5 players have been elected.  So banterers, what do you think will happen?  Will the BBWAA (think I got that right) open up and start electing more players, or will we get into a jogjam scenario where players have a difficult time reaching the 75% plateau due to the amount of serious competition?

More links after the jump, have a great weekend everyone.

Jays Links

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Mat Germain takes a stab at next years offence.  

Around the League

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