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Question Time.

I've had a long busy day and there is a lot yet to come. 

So far today: My wife bought a new car, very nice Mazda 3. I took my cousin to the airport, he's on his way back to England, after a nice visit/week of interviews. And, most depressingly, my laptop, that I just got back from the shop a week ago, had smoke (real smoke) coming out of it and it died. So back to the shop goes. They replaced the motherboard last week. It is looking like it might be the same problem. Glad I got the extended warranty.

So, since I don't have time for a real post, I thought I'd just ask you a question.

What's the most memorable in-person encounter you've had with a member of the Jays organization? Tell us the story. It can be as simple as an autograph or, maybe, a player saved your life.

Me? Getting to talk to Brian Butterfield, would be it. Not an exciting story, but, if you missed the interview it is here: Part onepart two and part three

So tell us your story.