Would you want a season like the St. Louis Cardinals?

Hey all! This is my first fan post. An interesting thought entered my mind that I thought I'd share. I'm intrigued to see what you guys might choose.

So, as we all know. Earlier this season, the Cardinals traded one of their highly touted prospects (Rasmus) to Toronto for a plethora of relievers (Scabble, Dotel) & Edwin Jackson (who came via Chi-town). At the time, the trade was blasted by all the Cardinal fans and pretty much every critic. As Toronto fans, we were rejoicing. 

Now, St. Louis is in the World Series and we're not. And before I ramble too much, here's my question. Would you want your team to trade a top prospect (in our case, it's safe to say Lawrie is the equivalent) for a bunch of relievers and then your team went on to play for the World Series that year. Or, would you rather keep that prospect in the hopes that he evolves with Toronto? 

I'm not so sure I'd be willing to trade a touted prospect for a bunch of relievers, even if it did lead to a World Series appearance. Of course, some of you may have differing opinions and I'd love to hear them!

Ps. If this is a completely waste of a fanpost, I apologize. haha

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