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Today in Bluebird Banter History

Two years ago today: We got word of a clubhouse revolt. Many or some or a couple of players (who knows), were unhappy with Cito Gaston and told the press about it. Anonymously, of course. I'm always a little suspicious of these things, there are always unhappy players on a team, only 9 guys can play at once, the others figure they should be playing. I can imagine there were players unhappy with Cito, I can also imagine that some players don't love John Farrell. 

The next day, JP Riccardi was fired. The timing made it seem like the two events had something to do with each other. I figure that they were going to fire JP at the end of the season anyway, so they pushed it up a few days to take some of the media focus off Cito. There were also some rumors that JP somehow planted the story, mostly coming from Blue Jay media folks that a) didn't like JP and b) didn't break the 'revolt' story. Alex Anthopoulos, of course, was named GM and has done a great job.

At the time, Paul Beeston was supposed to be searching for a new team president. So the hiring of Anthopoulos was a bit surprising as you would imagine the new president would want to hire the new GM. As it turned out Beeston decided the best man for the job of team president was Paul Beeston. And he still has the job. 

Three years ago today: Hugo let us know about a scary staff  staph infection he had in his hand. Don't cut your hand cooking. Really, the only reason I mention this is I can't believe it was three years ago, time flies. 

Four years ago today: Hugo picked out the 10 best and worst moments of the 2007 season. We'll get to doing that, for this season, in the next few days.