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Happy Friday everyone. It will be a happy Friday for me if I get my laptop back. Apparently, the problem that fried two motherboards and now a battery, was a faulty power cord/transformer. New pieces are being assembled now and I am hoping to have it back today. In the meantime I've bought myself a tablet, in part because I don't want to be using the laptop as much as I have and, in larger part, because I wanted a new toy.

Anyway, Blue Jay stuff:

Today MLB Trade Rumors tells us that Yu Darvish hasn't decided if he is coming to the MLB. Yesterday it sounded like a done deal. I think he is coming. Tim Dierkes thinks it will take a $50 million posting fee plus $75 million over 5 years to land him. I figured a posting fee in the $45 million range but I'm betting he is pretty close on the contract. Everyone thinks the Jays are one of the favorites to get him, I'd think so too.

People point to the not so great track record of previous Japanese pitcher imports to suggest we shouldn't get after him. I understand the, point but if a list of failure was what it took to scare folks off a player, no one would get excited about the MLB draft. 

You have to look at the individual player. The Jays have scouted him, I'd trust their evaluation more than saying 'these three other guys didn't work out so Yu won't'. Japanese pitchers are individuals just like any other pitchers would be, some will work, some won't. If Jays think he is worth the money, great. 


Everyone is telling us that the Jays have been heavily scouting C.J. Wilson. Personally, I think that is just the way the Jays work. I figure if you can find a potential decent free agent that the Jays haven't scouted, then you have news. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Jays are in on the bidding for Wilson, at least to see if the price is something that they think is reasonable. 

Alex is such a workaholic, that I'm sure he'll be in on everyone to see if there is a relative bargain out there. I know Alex has said he would rather go the trade route, but I figure he has a value in his mind for any free agent that might be useful for the Jays. If they will sign at that value, he'd do it.


One of the things I think Alex will be looking for is a left-handed reliever. There are a number of free agents that might fit, Javier Lopez would be a good choice if the Giants don't resign him. MLB Trade Rumors has a list of free agents here, pick out the lefty you would like for Christmas.  Beyond a lefty, I think Alex will likely bring in 2 or 3 other relievers to give some depth to the pen. It seems to be the way he does things. I don't want Rauch back, but I can see Alex offering arbitration and Rauch might take it.

I'd rather he not spend a lot on a free agent closer, but if someone could be had for a reasonable contract, then ok. I'd keep Francisco but I can understand the team deciding that the draft pick would be worth more.