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Sunday Bantering: John Farrell and the Red Sox

If you are following the continuing saga of the smoking laptop, the story seems to have concluded. Thursday I got a call from the nice folks trying to fix the thing, telling me that  the motherboard, battery and a few other bits were fried and it would take a day or two to get the parts in. Friday evening they called and said that it wasn't worth the effort to fix and they were giving me a new computer. Yay! So I have a nice new laptop that I spent most of Saturday trying to get set up to do the things I need it to do. Hopefully this is the end of the story. The moral?I don't like extended warranties on most things, but on laptops, it is a good idea.

Everyone is talking about the possibility of the Red Sox going after our manager, John Farrell, for their open manager job. The basis for the speculation seems to be that a) Farrell worked for the Red Sox and b) everyone would rather manage the Red Sox over the Jays. Then, this morning, there is this story, saying that the Red Sox aren't looking to poach a manager. 

Since the Jays have Farrell under contract, they would have to give permission to the Sox to talk to him. The Jays have said that they allow their employees to talk to other teams, but somewhere in that is the understanding that they mean that they would allow their employees to talk to other team if there is a promotion involved. In this case there wouldn't be a promotion, except in the minds of the Boston media. In this case, I can't imagine they would allow him to talk to the Sox. Unless he made it clear that he really wanted the job and would be unhappy if he wasn't given permission. 

I'd be pretty pissed off if he wanted to leave after just one season. He's talked a lot about how much he likes Toronto and how much he likes the challenge of leading them to playoffs in the tough AL East. 

On the other hand, I always figure that if a guy doesn't want to be part of our team, let him go. Who would want someone that would rather be in Boston. It would just give me another reason to hate the Red Sox (reason number 7242, if you are keeping count). I never see the point of keeping an employee who would rather be somewhere. 

The guy that I'm more worried about losing, at the moment, is Brian Butterfield. Brian is a Patriot's fan (nobody is perfect) and could be offered a promotion. If not manager, then bench coach. The Jays announced that all the coaches have been offered contracts for next season but they haven't told us who, if any, have accepted the contract yet. I'm curious which ones will be staying. 

A couple of links for your Sunday:

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