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More on the Blue Jays New Policy

Alex Anthopoulos had a conference call to talk about the 'new policy'. Some notes:

  • The move was made because rumors of John Farrell's situation became too 'time consuming' for Alex, Paul Beeston and other front office folks. It is being don't to squash rumors now and in the future.
  • Alex says he won't talk about this policy or the John Farrell rumors again. He feels it has gotten in the way of doing the work they have to do before the end of the World Series to be ready for the start of the free agency time.
  • People leaving for lateral jobs is 'totally 100% out'.
  • It wasn't made because they were afraid of losing Farrell.
  • His point was that media 'has changed' in the 30 years since the old policy was written and that too much time has been taken out of the work day by replying to inquires of the press. That he feels he should return every phone call and reply to every email, so the rumors around Farrell were getting in the way.
  • The old policy was there to show what a great employer the Blue Jays are, but they don't feel like they will lose much by changing things. Alex says that Paul Beeston is such a great guy to work for, the change won't make the Jays seem any less great of an employer.
  • Alex said the team has to constantly adjust all policies to reflect changing times. He mentioned that they had decided they didn't want to sign any pitcher for more than 3 years but then found it too restrictive.
  • He wouldn't say if he thought that John Farrell might be disappointed by the change. I guess John could say 'hey that wasn't the way things were when I signed the contract' but I doubt that will happen. He says he speaks to John daily. Or maybe he meant he talks to John Daly.
  • Alex did say how much he would miss Tony LaCava if he were to leave. That they have worked together for a long time and he relies on him greatly.
  • Alex speaks French, at least passably. The only word I understood was 'Napoli'. The french reporter asked him if he regretted the trade, he said that there would have been a short term gain but that getting JP and Lind playing time was more important in the long run.