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Jon Heyman: Orioles Likely to Hire Tony LaCava

Jon Heyman figures that, with the Angels grabbing Jerry Dipoto, the Orioles are likely to want to hire Blue Jays Assistant GM Tony LaCava.

I guess the question is: Would LaCava want the job?

Dipoto has a big job ahead of him, with all the overpaid Angels on his roster. I doubt he'd find anyone dumb enough to take Vernon off his hands, Torii Hunter is making $18 million next season. Dan Haren is owed at least $16.25 million. He might not have a lot of room to maneuver there. 

But the Orioles have an owner, Peter Angelos, that likes to get his hands into things. Sports Illustrated called him the worst owner in baseball. I doubt that he would suddenly become a hands off owner. 

And then you have Buck Showalter as your manager. He's not one to stay out of way of a GM either. He'll be making his opinions known and they likely will carry a fair bit of weight with ownership.

But then there are only 30 GM jobs in the majors and if you turn down one, there is no guarantee that you will get offered another one of those jobs. And, as much as it is likely great working for the Blue Jays and with Alex Anthopoulos, it isn't like that there will be a job opening up in Toronto for a very long time. 

Having the Orioles hire Tony LaCava would be a big loss for the Blue Jays but I'm sure Alex has contingency plans, at some point, someone will hire LaCava away. Someone as meticulous as Alex must have thought about what to do when he leaves. What I'd hate is having another smart GM in the AL East. This division doesn't get any easier.