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Vote Jose Bautista for the Hank Aaron Award. has up the fan voting for the Hank Aaron Award for top offensive player in each league. You all know that Jose Bautista is the top offensive player in the league. but if you need convincing....


  • Led the league in home runs.
  • Led the league in walks by 24. 132 to Miguel Cabrera's 108.
  • Led League in wOBA.
  • Close 2nd to Miguel Cabrera in OBP, .488 for Miguel, .447 for Jose.
  • Tops in SLG at .608, Cabrera was .586.
  • Tops in OPS at 1.056.
  • Tops in Isolated Power at .310

And you could continue down the line. I think it is pretty clear that he's the top offensive player in the league and is deserving of our support. Go vote here. You are allowed to vote 10 times a day, which I think is silly, why not just have everyone allowed to vote once, but that's just the way it is. Some things will never change.