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Bluebird Banter ALDS Contest Winner

Now that the two ALDS series are over, we have a DVD winner.

Rangers beat the Rays, in 4 games, with 37 runs scored total..

Tigers beat the Yankees (yay) in 5 games with 45 scored total.

So the runs scored in the two series added up to 82.

Amazingly enough, we had 6 people pick the right winners in the right number of games (am I ever glad I added a tied breaker). Alanf, Daman, Thatsrobbery, Casusby, J-DUBZ and Gbam all picked the right teams and the right number of games.

So it came down to guessing how many runs would be scored in the two series. Daman and Gbam were off by 37 runs. Thatsrobbery was off by 34 runs. Alanf was off by 12. Casusby was off by 9 runs.

But the winner was J-DUBZ who guessed 80 runs would be scored, just off by 2. Great job.

So J-DUBZ, by the ever so very detailed contest rules, you have 3 business days to send me an email and we'll work out how to send you your copy of Baseball's Greatest Games 1993 World Series Game 6 DVD from A+E Home Entertainment.

Thanks all for playing. We'll post the ALCS contest just as soon as the rules are approved by the blood sucking ever so wonderful SB Nation legal department.

Congratulations J-DUBZ.