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Which Free Agents will the Blue Jays Sign?

MLB Trade Rumors is having a Free Agent Projection Contest and they also have a post guessing where each of the 'Top 50 Free Agents' are going to end up. They figure the Jays will sign Yu Darvish (can you imagine Abbott and Costello adding Yu to the 'Who's on First' routine? "Who is pitching?" "Yu is." "I am?" "No Yu is.") (yeah not quite as funny as I thought it would be), David Ortiz and Erik Bedard.

I figure we ought to have our own contest to guess which free agents Alex will sign. Now, we aren't going to have prizes because I'm not up to dealing with lawyers this morning but give us the players you think the free agent players you think the Jays will sign. The complete list of free agents is here and you can add Darvish to the list, if you think the Jays will get him. 

If want to guess 'none', well, go ahead, but I'm betting we, at very least pick up a couple of relievers, for depth, if nothing else.