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Jays Interested in Jamey Carroll?

Jon Morosi Thwipped this:

Source: #BlueJays are showing serious interest in Jamey Carroll.

And MLB Trade Rumors and MLB Daily Dish are both saying that Carroll is close to signing a 'multi year deal' with someone. 

Jamie will be 38 in February, so a multi year deal seems a bit of a stretch to me. I guess the Jays would like someone to take the John McDonald role (and allow them to shuttle McCoy back and forth again). If that's his role I'm ok with it. I'd like a better bench this season. Carroll isn't a bad player, a bit of speed, he can get on base some, play a few positions and he's not an A or B type free agent so he won't cost anything to sign. 

What do you think?

Update: Looks like it is the Twins that are signing him, to be their everyday SS. I don't think I'd want him for that.