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Today in Bluebird Banter History.

Not much for news today, so let's take a look at our past.

5 years agoThe Jays signed Frank Thomas. It didn't end well, but we got one good season out of him. 

4 years ago: JP Ricciardi traded Kristian Bell (is that that girl that was on Veronica Mars?) and Graham Godfrey to the A's for Marco ScutaroNow that's a trade that worked out well. Achengy, in the write up about the trade, compared Marco to John McDonald. It might have seemed that back then, but he turned out to be a much better player. Great trade JP.

3 years ago: Hugo thought that Ty Wigginton would be a good trade target. Wigginton has been ok since, not great. 

Hugo, in a second post that day, gave his opinion on JP Ricciardi's announcement that the Jays wouldn't be going after any more free agents.

2 years ago: I used a comment from the Drunks as a springboard for my own post. The Drunks suggested that the Jays should invite us bloggers to a game, now and then. I wrote that it would be nice if the Jays would give us bloggers a little bit of attention:

We aren't the enemy. We want the best for the team, we aren't going to spend every post trying to get the GM fired because we think we should have the job. We aren't going to roast them, unless, you know, we feel they need roasting.

I still think the same, two years later. We get very little access from the team. The PR departement sometimes will reply to emails I send them, sometimes not. We get little to no access. I went to spring training last year, where things should be a little more relaxed, I talked to the PR folks, and got a tiny bit of access but mot much. I don't understand why we are the enemy still. We are fans. I spent a few minutes with the PR people, when they were here in Calgary, last winter, trying to explain that we could be friends. And yet, I'm no further ahead than I was when I wrote that. And two years from now, I expect I'll be saying the same thing. 

1 year agoThe Jays made their last roster moves, before the Rule 5 draft. Brian Jeroloman,  Joel Carreno, Alan Farina, Darin Mastroianni and Moises Sierra were all added to the 40 man roster. Brad Emaus wasn't and was picked in the draft. Not a huge loss.