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Quick Bits From the New CBA

So the new CBA is all signed and we've been told the highlights. Some quick points:

  • They are lowering the boom on teams that go over slot. Teams that go over slot by 5% will be taxed 75% of that. 5 to 10% it's 100% tax and the loss of a first round pick the next year. 10 to 15% means 100% tax and loss of a 1st and 2nd round pick. I really dislike this one, I see it as away of possibly losing athletes to other sports. Teams will also not be allowed to sign draft picks to major league contracts. Also the deadline for signing draft picks will be moved from August 15th to mid-July. Players posted from Japan will not be part of the limit. Cubans over 23 won't count either. Teams that don't go above the limit could get an extra pick.
  • There will also be limits to what teams can spend on the international market.$2.9 million to start, but teams will be able to trade money in that cap limit.
  • There could be a 'worldwide draft' by 2014.
  • Blood testing for HGH will happen, mostly in the off-season.
  • Instant replay will be expanded to include 'fair and foul' calls and trapped catches.
  • And course, as we were told before, the Astros will be moving to the AL and we'll have an extra wild card team in each league. Maybe by next season if Selig gets his way.

There is more but we'll leave it there for now. What do you think of the new CBA?