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I hadn't put a new picture up for a bit on the Movermber page or mentioned it on the site in a while, but if you have an extra couple of bucks that you would like to give to a good cause, please do. My page is here. Or you could give to durga2112 at his page here

Part of Movember is awareness, guys it isn't a bad idea to go talk to your doctor about this stuff. Men tend not to go to the doctor unless there is an immediate need but really getting checked is a good move. My doctor said that it is a good idea to go in, when things are good, just so the doctor can get a baseline of your pulse, blood pressure etc. while you are good, so they have something to compare to if things aren't so good. Testicular cancer is common in young men. Go get checked.

Some stats on Men's Health, from the Movember people, after the jump.

Some stats:

  • There are 177,800 new cases of cancer and 75,000 cancer deaths expected in Canada in 2011.
  • The average life expectancy for men is five years less than women (presently 78 years old compared to 83).
  • In 2011 there will be more cases of prostate cancer diagnosed than breast cancer.
  • After prostate cancer lung is the most common cancer in Canada.
  • 5% more men will develop cancer during their lifetimes in Canada than women.
  • Incident rates of cancer are highest in the Maritime provinces and Quebec.
  • After cancer the leading cause of death in men is heart disease.
  • Approximately 93,000 Canadian men will be diagnosed with cancer, and an estimated 39,900 men will die of cancer.
  • On average, 11 Canadian men will die of prostate cancer every day.
  • Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in young men in Canada between the ages of 15-29.
  • Among Canadians of all ages 4 out of every 5 suicides are male.

A big Thank You to the folks that have given.