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Jays Claim Brian Jeroloman Off Waivers

I'm off to Vancouver to watch the Grey Cup, and get in my yearly recommend amount of rioting and looting. So look for me on the news, I'll be the one on top of the burning police car. I'll look in some but likely won't be posting much, depending on how good the WiFi is from my cell. Any Vancouver members want to be ready to bail me out?

The Jay picked Brian Jeroloman back off waivers from the Pirates. Yeah, I don't know why either, they were hoping to find better to fill the 40-man roster before the Rule-5 draft and didn't I guess. So he's back on the roster and the Jays have 39 players on it at the moment. I won't be surprised when the Jays DFA again later this winter.

The Jays are also going to have to tell us which of their free agents they will be offering arbitration sometime today. I'd imagine everyone will get an offer except maybe for Jon Rauch. Camp, Francisco, Johnson and Molina are pretty  much sure things.

I'm off to the airport. Send me your best Molotov cocktail recipe.