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Monday Bantering: Open Thread

I'm just about to start off for the airport, leaving a now sunny Vancouver (sure, when we have to leave it gets sunny, when we were wondering around town it was pouring rain) to go back to a wind ravaged Calgary. I'm pretty sure our house didn't blow away.

Not much for Jays news at the moment, Jose Molina signed with the Rays, he did a nice job for us but I'd rather have the draft pick (a sentence I won't be getting to write about players next year). 

We picked up a middle infielder, giving us a full set of 40 players on our 40-man roster, begging the question: Who would you DFA if you were the Jays and you needed a roster spot for a free agent or a trade? Our 40-man is here. Would you hope Brian Jeroloman make it through waivers this time? Maybe Brad Mills? Darin Mastroianni? Can discuss it or anything else you want in the thread.

We were a little slow getting to the airport on the way here so we are leaving a little early to get there today, just to average out better. Have a good Monday.