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Blue Jays Drop Adam Loewen and Jesse Carlson From 40-Man Roster

The Blue Jays have outrighted Adam Loewen and Jesse Carlson. They could either be moved to a minor league roster or they could choose free agency.

Carlson was arbitration eligible and he missed all of last year after rotator cuff surgery. He's been a favorite of mine since he first made the team and got us out of a bases loaded, no outs jam against the Rangers. And he made a lot of friends on the site when he stood up to Jorge Posada and the Yankees late in 2010. If he leaves I'll miss him.

Loewen was a September call up this year and didn't look terrible in the few at bats he got but he is out of options, from his pitching days, so if he got sent down he would have had to clear waivers anyway. They may try to see if he would like to play with Vegas again this year but he might want to see if anyone else would like to employ him. It gives us one less Canadian on the roster. 

The team did need some roster space if they are going to sign any free agents this winter.