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Help Wanted: Bluebird Banter Link Threads

I'd like to start up regular link threads again, with links to good Blue Jay articles, general baseball articles and anything else interesting. They are great to help people get all their info in one place and give folks a spot to chat about whatever is of interest that day.

On the flip side of that, I don't want to be doing them myself. Link threads work best if they are up in the morning and, with me living out west, getting them up for morning in the east is tough. 

What I'm looking to do is to is run them on at Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then, when we get to the season, bring it up to five or six days a week. 

What I'd like is to find 3 people, each willing to put up one of these a week, to take a day and make it their own. Going from not writing much to writing several days a week is tough, and burn out happens. Later, if you enjoy doing it, there will likely be room to do it more often. So if this sounds like you, and you are a member of Bluebird Banter (even if you are a lurker), can put together a fairly coherent sentence  and would like to help out once a week, send me an email, the link is at the bottom of the page.

I'd love to say there would be pay for this, but then I'd be lying but it is a good way to get your name and writing in front of a decent number of eyes. It is a fun way of keeping up with everything going on around the Jays and baseball in general as well as provide a service to the nice folks at BBB. If you are someone that checks out a few dozen sites in you RSS reader in the morning, well you are half way there.

If you want examples of what we'd like, check out this Frosty Mug from Brew Brew Ball or this Applesauce from Amazin' Avenue.