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Things that Really Shouldn't Bother Me

Why do things like this drive me crazy?

The Blue Jays are taking a very aggressive approach in looking for a closer; wouldn't be a shock if they landed one of best guys. Buster Olney Tweet.

Where did Buster get this from? Alex? Not a chance. Some Blue Jay employee? Not likely, unless that employee doesn't want to work for the team much longer, Alex doesn't like. Odds are he got it from some agent. 

Is it true? Other than Alex takes an aggressive approach to doing anything, I doubt it means much. An agent wanting to pump up his client isn't exactly a believable source. 

Why do I let it bother me? Answer this question for me: How often does signing a free agent closer to a big contract work out for the team? Roughly never would be the right answer. The BJ Ryan contract should be the last big free agent closer contract we ever give out. 

I really don't want to give Papelbon $15 + a year and give the Red Sox our first round draft pick for the honor of having the creep on our team. I'm not sure I could make myself cheer for him. I wouldn't want to give up a first round pick for any free agent closer. 

Anyway, I'm just going to try to laugh it off, but there is this little seed of worry in the back of my mind.