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Blue Jays 2012 Spring Home Schedule

The Jays have released their home spring training game schedule. For those of you planning a trip to Dunedin. It is a nice area, it would be good to have a getaway in the Florida warmth. I enjoyed it last year. I don't think there is the budget for it this year though. The nice part is that the road games are all within easy driving range. I don't think I had more than a hour drive to any of the games. But then I was only there a week.

Here are their home games:


Saturday, March 3 Pittsburgh Pirates 1:05

Tuesday, March 6 Philadelphia Phillies 1:05

Wednesday, March 7 Boston Red Sox 1:05

Thursday, March 8 New York Yankees 1:05

Saturday, March 10 Houston Astros 1:05

Sunday, March 11 Atlanta Braves 1:05

Monday, March 12 Baltimore Orioles 1:05

Wednesday, March 14 New York Yankees 1:05

Friday, March 16 Tampa Bay Rays 1:05

Sunday, March 18 Philadelphia Phillies 1:05

Thursday, March 22 Philadelphia Phillies 1:05

Saturday, March 24 Atlanta Braves 1:05

Sunday, March 25 Boston Red Sox 1:05

Wednesday, March 28 Baltimore Orioles 1:05

Friday, March 30 Minnesota Twins 1:05

Sunday, April 1 Pittsburgh Pirates 1:05

Tuesday, April 3 Detroit Tigers 12:05