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Blue Jay Awards

The Toronto BBWAA announced the winners of their awards today.

  • JOSE BAUTISTA is the Neil MacCarl Award winner as Player of the Year. Surprise
  • RICKY ROMERO was named Pitcher of the Year. Another surprise.
  • J.P. ARENCIBIA was named Rookie of the Year.
  • CASEY JANSSEN got the 'most improved' Jay. I thought he was pretty terrific in 2010, oh well.
  • DUSTIN MCGOWN gets the John Cerutti Award as player that "exemplifies goodwill, cooperation and character displayed by John Cerutti.
    I don't get a vote but I really can't complain about the picks, other than maybe Janssen, as he was pretty good the season before, but then I don't know who I would have picked. Maybe Yunel Escobar. But I can't complain too much about the choices. You would have had to search pretty hard to find someone that wouldn't have voted for Bautista or Romero for their awards. Maybe some would vote Brett Lawrie above J.P. (not me) but it is pretty tough to compare 43 games to 129.