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Hall of Fame Poll: Bernie Williams

Our last one. Tony Womack and Eric Young come after him on the ballot but neither had anything like a Hall of Fame career. Womack might be the worst player on the ballot, he has a career WAR of 1.2 (by Baseball Reference). He made the All-Star game in his rookie year and got some ROY and MVP votes, that year, even though he only hit .278/.326/.374 and had a negative WAR. Young was a similar player, but he got on base a lot better. Both were middle infielders (Young played some outfielder), who stole a bunch of bases.

Bernie Williams played for the Yankees for 16 years, in CF, he hit 287 home runs, drove in 1257, stole 147 bases (with 87 times caught, so not really helping his team) and hit .297/.381/.477.

He made 5 All-Star teams, won 4 Gold Gloves and 1 Silver Slugger. He has a career WAR of 47.3.

He's going to get some support, there are a lot of New York writers that get a ballot. They will say his 4 World Series rings makes him worthy of the Hall. I don't think so. I think there were center fielders that were better than Bernie that played in the same era.

If you are voting him in, you have to be giving him a lot of credit for the World Series wins, but then you would be voting because he was lucky enough to be on a team with a lot of good players. Bernie was never the best player on his World Series teams. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and maybe a few others off those teams deserve to go into the Hall, but, at least for me, not Williams.