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Blue Jays Trade for Ben Francisco

The Jays traded lefty minor league reliever Frank Gailey to the Phillies for outfielder Ben Francisco.

Francisco is a fairly average right-handed hitting outfielder, he has played all 3 outfield positions in his time with the Phillies, but mostly left field. His career batting line is .260/.332/.430 with 45 homers in 460 games with the Phillies. You can check out his career numbers here. To compare, Travis Snider's line is .248/.307/.432 in 232 games. Ben is 30, Travis, 23 He could, perhaps, platoon in left with one of our left-handed hitting outfielders, but I think it is more likely that there is another trade coming in the next few days.

Ben isn't really a 'high ceiling' player.

Frank Gailey has always been a bit of a favorite of mine. He did an interview with us in 2010. He has done a good job for us at each level he has pitched, but he was a little old for his level last year and minor league relievers are rarely prospects.

Update (I can't wait til we get story streams like SB Baseball Nation): In the press release it says that the Jays DFA'd right-handed minor league pitcher Jesse Chavez to make roster room for Francisco.