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Hall of Fame Poll Results

We ran 15 Hall of Fame polls, there are 27 players on the Hall of Fame ballot but I skipped ones that I didn't think would get much support. Here are the results:

Tim Raines 84%

Larry Walker 82%

Barry Larkin 82%

Jeff Bagwell 81%

Edgar Martinez 67%

Fred McGriff 64%

Lee Smith 61%

Alan Trammell 55%

Jack Morris 46%

Mark McGwire 40%

Don Mattingly 37%

Dale Murphy 30%

Juan Gonzalez 25%

Rafael Palmeiro 20%

Bernie Williams 15%

Since a player has to get 75% of the BBWAA to make the Hall, if we were the Writers Tim Raines, Larry Walker, Barry Larkin and Jeff Bagwell would be going to the Hall. The good news for the other guys is that everyone who gets over 5% on the Writers' ballot get to be on the ballot again next year. I like our choices, though we might be a little biased in favor of Larry Walker. I doubt the BBWAA will do as good a job.