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Bluebird Bantering: Rumor of the Day

Today's rumor comes from Scott Miller, of, who tells us the Jays are one of 5 teams that is 'in on' Carlos Beltran, because, as you all know, you can never have too many outfielders. I don't see it at all. Beltran is a good player and he has that 'big bat' that Alex has been talking about, but he is 34 (35 in April) and doesn't really fit with the 'eye on the future' style that Alex has been employing since taking the GM job.

But then, he gets on base, his OBP the last three seasons: .415, .341 and .385. It wouldn't be a bad thing to have a guy that gets on like that batting in front of Jose Bautista. Let him bat 3rd and move Jose to cleanup. It would be that 'win now' move that some Jay fans have been pushing Alex to do. He could DH or play LF, letting the team platoon Lind and Encarnacion at first base. Or it might give Alex enough depth in the outfield to make some trades.

I still don't see it happening.

Other stuff:

  • John Axford and Joey Votto get to share the Tip O'Neill award for top Canadian baseball player.
  • Bids for the right to negotiate with Yu Darvish have to be submitted by 5:00 Eastern time today. That doesn't mean we'll know who submitted the winning bid today. We might not know who won for another 4 days.
  • Jeff Sullivan, at SB Baseball Nation, asks where is Prince Fielder going to go? The Jays:

Maybe! The Blue Jays have been considered a Fielder possibility from the get-go, although they are extremely reluctant to give long-term contracts.

But I like his Orioles answer better:

Maybe! The Orioles are always a maybe, until they are a no.

  • Grant Brisbee, also from Baseball Nation, shares '10 Surprising Facts' from Scott Boras' binder on Prince Fielder.