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Question Time? Is There Any Free Agent You Would Like the Jays to Sign?

I'm trying to get a couple of non-blogging things done, so just going to put up a quick question: Is there any free agent you would like the Jays to sign?

I am kind of interested to see if the Jays will go after Yu Darvish. And I'd like them to sign Kelly Johnson, though I wouldn't mind them picking up the draft pick. I'd like a left-handed reliever too. Not sure who. Maybe Tsuyoshi Wada? I wouldn't complain about David Ortiz, if they could get him without spending too much.

Prince Fielder? The last I saw was that the Brewers were offering him $20 million a year for 6 years. I wouldn't want the Jays out biding that. And I don't like the idea of signing a player to 'send a message'. That seems stupid to me.

Carlos Pena? I'm not all that excited about him either.

Ryan Madson? I like him better than Heath Bell and, with the Marlins out, I wonder how many teams are after him. Maybe we could get him a little cheaper than Bell? But then I'd rather see a trade for Bailey.

Anyway, MLB Trade Rumors has a free agent tracker here, make your case for who you would like to see the Jays go after and how much you think it would cost.