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Alex Anthopoulos Talks to the Media About Yu Darvish

This Darvish stuff will end one day, but....

Alex Anthopoulos talked to the media this morning. As always, he was pretty guarded with information.

Some of what he said:

  • "Won't confirm whether I made a bid or didn't make a bid just like I wouldn't confirm if I made an offer on a free agent."
  • When pressed on why he wouldn't confirm that he made a bid he said that it could 'get used against you' by player agents. If they know you bid on this guy they know you have more money for payroll. He said he knows of deals that have been lost because agents 'knew' that he had more money to spend. Basically he doesn't want to tip his hand, if an agent knows he has more money, he will go after it.
  • Alex said the usual things about adding players, he'd like a starter, a reliever or two and a 'big bat' if one can be found for a price they can live with.
  • The "Darvish thing took a life of it's own."
  • He said that there is a "race for information". That there are more media, more blogs, more competition for news and that it doesn't make his job any easier. Makes it "harder to operate quietly". We know he likes to do that.
  • There was "a lot of false information out there". Yep.
  • He tries to "insulate himself" from all the rumors. And here I thought he was a member of our blog.
  • His concern is to "put the best team on the field". He can't concern himself with every rumor, "there isn't enough hours in the day" and he is working hard enough now.
  • You "never know where numbers can go' on bidding. (He) didn't have expectations, (but he would) put in a number that the club believes in." In theory. He wouldn't admit to bidding this time.
  • There has been no slowing down of trade talks during the wait for the Darvish announcement. He said the off-season started slowly but is heating up.
  • "I understand the passion and the interest level in our team. (We) need to provide a winning product. You want a passionate fanbase. (You) want to win the right way and build a sustainable team."
  • "I know there is a desire to have an unlimited payroll, that's not the way it is."
  • He talked in general terms about how to deal with a posting. That you figure how much you are willing to spend. Then focus on winning the bid, then use what is leftover to sign the player.
  • "We have plenty of money to work with." He noted that they bumped up staffing, spent much more on the draft and international signings. But they don't have limitless funds.

All-in-all, reasonable answers that won't stop people from thinking that Rogers and the Jays are cheap because they didn't think Darvish was worth more than all 29 other teams out there did.