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T'was the Week Before Christmas, and Not a Rumor Was Stirring

Now that we are past all the excitement of Yu, there isn't much for news around here. There is this, from MLB Trade Rumors:

Trying to trade for Gonzalez is the Nationals' top priority, says's Bill Ladson. According to Ladson, Brad Peacock and Derek Norris are two of the players the Athletics are looking at in a possible four-for-one deal. Nothing is imminent yet, as the Blue Jays and Red Sox are also "heavily in the mix."

Yesterday, I had a short conversation with an A's blogger. It went something like this:

Him: When you guys trading for Gio.

Me: Oh, I hope never is the answer. I don't think he'd have as much fun pitching in Rogers Centre against he AL East.

Him: Yeah it wouldn't be a good idea, but I thought the Jays had to make a big splash.

Me: I hate the idea of making a trade to make some sort of statement.

Him: Yeah, me too.

Me: Gio's only 25 though, and he strikes out a a guy an inning. What does Beane want for him?

Him: He wants a package like the Padres got for Latos.

Me: Pass.

Anyway, it got me thinking, do the Jays really need to make a 'big splash'? We've had a year of big moves. Marcum for Lawrie. Farquhar and Magunson for Davis. Wells for not having to pay Wells. Napoli for Francisco. Hill and McDonald for Johnson. A half dozen middle relievers for Rasmus.

They were all pretty big moves, but the Jays still have to "prove" to folks that they want to win. And they have to do it now. Right now. You'd think Alex would have built up a little good will in us by now. We could give him a bit of time. He does seem to know what he is doing.

The good part is that now that there isn't much for rumors, things will happen.