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Open Thread

I am enjoying the beautiful weather (and rum) of Jamaica. I'm away at the right time, there isn't much for Blue Jay news or rumors, unless you count some vague idea that the Jays might be after Matt Garza. With what teams have been getting for trading starting pitching, I doubt the Jays will be willing to give up enough to get him.

Baseball isn't the sport of choice here, soccer is clearly number 1, but I have had a couple of locals offer to buy my Jays' cap. It seems they are a favorite team with some here. I almost bought a shirt that said 'No Problem, Mon' above the old Jays logo in a shop here but decided against it. If it had the new logo, I'd have gone for it.

Anyway, figured I'd put up an open there for you to share what ever thoughts come to mind. Me? My only thought is to order another drink. Viking Crown has become my drink here in paradise. I'm not sure what is in it, but it is tasty. if nothing else, you can share what your drink of choice is, when you are somewhere warm. Me? I'm going to lay out by the pool.