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Blue Jay Rumors on a Sunday

It is going to be a fun week for rumors, everybody wants to put the Blue Jays next to some player.

  • CBS Sports Cleveland (a reliable source for Blue Jay rumors if I have ever seen one) is reporting that Prince Fielder has narrowed down his list of teams he might sign with to 3: Rangers, Brewers and Blue Jays. With the Jays being the 'in the lead'. I very much doubt it could happen, but if they keep the contract to 5 years and not much more than $20 million a year, I can live with it. What do you think, if the Jays sign Fielder are we suddenly a favorite to get a wild card spot? I'm starting to think so, with Lawrie at third we are likely to be 3 or 4 games better at that position. Anyone at second would make us a game or two better. JP progresses. The starting rotation almost has to be better. And someone other than Rauch closing should get us an extra win or two. Yeah I know, it is a pipe dream.
  • Ken Rosenthal tells us that the Jays will bid on Yu Darvish. I'm figuring they will too, but just because they bid doesn't mean they they will be the winning bid. I'm starting to hope that Yu doesn't post until January or so, the later he waits the fewer teams will be bidding.