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Hall of Fame Poll: Mark McGwire

Here's one that everyone will have an opinion on.

Mark McGwire's numbers are well known: 583 home runs, 1414 RBI, 1317 walks, a 263/.394/.588 line. AL Rookie of the Year in 1987. 12 All-Star teams. 1 Gold Glove. 3 Silver sluggers. Amazingly enough, no MVP awards.

He is number 8 on the career list in Slugging Average. Number 10 in home runs. 67th in RBI. 63.1 career WAR puts him 91st all time among position players. Credited with helping to save baseball after the strike.

And there was some other stuff. What was it? Oh yeah, Steroids. It seems like every time mention steroids someone feels the urge to tell me that there is no proof that using helps you hit home runs. I'm pretty sure that no amount of steroids would help me hit home runs but I think we can pretty safely say that they helped baseball players hit them. They certainly seemed to help Mark.

And there was the famous 'I'm not here to talk about the past', when asked by congress about it. Gotta wonder what he thought he was there about. He has a fair bit of baggage.