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Alex Anthopoulos: Jays Not After Prince Fielder

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Jeff Blair talked to Alex Anthopoulos and Alex poured cold water on all our fun, saying that the team isn't going to try to sign Prince Fielder. Or at least he said:

Anthopoulos reiterated that the Blue Jays will not offer seven- or eight-year free-agent contracts - Fielder wants 10 years - and then said: "I expect to be linked to practically every player ... as a rule of thumb, if something leaks than it's probably inaccurate. If you look at the number of players we've been linked to and the ones we've ended up getting, it's probably one per-cent."

There seems to be some wiggle room in there, I don't think Fielder has been offered 7 to 10 years yet so there is still a chance.

Alex also said:

  • The Jays won't offer no-trade clauses.
  • Jeff Mathis will be used the same way as Jose Molina will be. JP will play 135 to 140 games.
  • He is happy with the position players, but would like to improve the pitching. He said that Drew Hutchinson could be ready to pitch in the majors next year. And that Chad Jenkins, Nestor Molina and Deck McGuire are 'on the cusp'.
  • Wednesday midnight is the deadline for Kelly Johnson to accept or decline arbitration.