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Prince Fielder Rumors are So Yesterday, Today it is Albert Pujols Rumors

Joe Strauss at lists the teams that he thinks are in on Albert Pujols and, of course, the Jays on the list:

The Toronto Blue Jays are believed a potential player but would seem an odd fit for a player who has indicated a strong preference to land with a contender.

Now this one I don't buy at all. Yesterday's Prince Fielder rumors, I thought, at least had a chance at being real, but I don't even think the Jays talk to Albert's agent, except maybe to get a feel on how long a contract he is likely to get.

I think anyone signing Albert would have to be sure of how old he is, there are lots of rumors that he isn't 31. If you are considering giving him a 5 year or longer contract, there is a big difference between 31 and 33 years old. I don't know if he is the type of player that will do well in his late 30's.