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Congratulations Bob Elliott, Winner of 2012 Spink Award

Bob Elliott won the vote for the J.G. Taylor Spink Award and will be going to the Hall of Fame. Bob is the first Canadian to receive the award.

Bob Elliott has been writing about baseball for 30 years, starting in 1980 with the Expos. In 1987 he moved to Toronto to cover the Jays for the Sun. He has written three books on baseball; Hard Ball, a bio of former Blue Jay George Bell, The Ultimate Jay's Trivia Book and The Northern Game: Baseball the Canadian Way. If you have an interest in baseball in Canada, the Northern Game is a great read. He also writes for the Canadian Baseball Network, one of my favorite sites.

About three years ago, Bob was nice enough to answer some questions for us, he was very kind to give us some of his time and knowledge. He had finished second in the voting for the Spink Award that year.

Congratulations Bob, very well deserved.