Hey guys,

I didn't know where to post this, so I thought here would be good a place as any. I hope I'm in the right place. I'm still learning my way through here, trying to participate more. Do you guys know of any good "Sabermetrics for Dummies" books or articles out there? I've been half-(butting) my way through the advanced stats, but I'd like to become more knowledgeable about them. I was hoping for not something too dry. (Not because I won't understand it, but just because I read so much dry texts during my non-Bluebird Banter life that I much rather read something more casual). Hence the Sabermetrics for Dummies approach.

I'm sure (or hoping) that there are more people like me out there in BB world that would like to get up to par with some of you on the advanced metrics and thus making this fanpost relevant or even useful. I did google and find Bill Simmons (who I'm sure many of you like and many of you hate - he's a polarizing figure) have an article about it, but I was hoping you guys would have more.

**Edit* Got an additional question. (I wrote it in the thread, but thought Id mention it here too)

I caught myself thinking about this the other day, do you guys believe that the fans that embrace the mathematical component of the game are – not superior – but their opinions are more valuable than the fans who simply view baseball as leisure and dont want to do additional “homework” in learning the quantitative side of the game.

Like, if a person were to propose a 5 paragraph essay on as to why (hypothetically) Escobar is better than H. Ramirez. His arguments were based purely on anecdotal evidence and his personal opinion of the player.

Would that argument be inferior to a purely quantitative argument? And I’m curious as to what method you guys would choose. Does quantitative arguments always win out. Can some people be swayed by anecdotal reasoning? Or are there still some “old school” fans refuse to partake in the mathematical component?

Im genuinely curious to hear your guys’ replies.


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