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Winter Meeting Day Two Recap

Today was much more interesting than yesterday, at least for us Jays fans. You all know we picked up closer Sergio Santos, opinions on it are all over the site today. The poll on the trade has 1027 votes with 85% thinking it was a good trade. I like the trade too.

Also of note for the Jays, the Mets signed Jon Rauch to a 1-year, $3.5 million contract and Frank Francisco to a 2-year, $12 million contract. As each are Type-B free agents, we picked up a couple of draft picks tonight. I'm not going to miss Rauch. Frankie? Well, after a lousy start to the season, likely having something to do with an injury that cost him some of spring training and the first couple of weeks of the season, he was pretty good, but I'll gladly take the draft pick for him. The Mets also picked up Ramon Ramirez and traded Angel Pagan to the Giants for Andres Torrez.

Albert Pujols has at least one 10-year $200 million (plus?) contract offer. We know the Marlins offered him that. The Cardinals and the Angels are also, apparently, in on him. Can you imagine offering a 32 year old player a 10-year contract? What are the odds that Albert will still be worth $20 million a year at age 40?

How would you like to be a taxpayer in Miami, paying for a ballpark for the Marlins, who didn't have the funds to pay for it, then they give Jose Reyes $106 million, Heath Bell $27 million and offer Pujols $200 +. Good thing Loria gave all the local politicians families jobs in exchange for their votes, including that blind relative who designed the new team logo and jersey for them.

Prince Fielder is still looking for someone that will offer him more than 5 or 6 seasons. I have to believe that one of the teams that misses out on Albert will look at Prince as a backup plan.

What else happened? Well, someone won the posting for Hiroyuki Makajima. All we know is it wasn't the Red Sox. David Ortiz accepted arbitration with the Red Sox. And Hanley Ramirez told the Marlins he didn't want to play third base or any other position than short. You would have thought the Marlins would have talked to Hanley before signing Reyes.

I'm sure there was other stuff that went on today, but it is late and I want to sleep. You can add what I missed in the thread.