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Yu Darvish to Post Thursday

So it is finally going to happen. Yu Darvish will be posted Thursday.

I have 3 questions for you.

  1. Would you bid for him if you were the Jays?
  2. How much would you bid?
  3. Do you think the Jays will bid?

Me? Yeah I'd bid. I think this is a guys I'd like to get. I think I'd bid $45 million. I think that is a good bid. If one of the other teams goes into the $50+ range, I could live with losing. And I do think the Jays will bid. I think that since Alex went over to Japan to scout Yu out himself, they must be interested.

He's just 25, so he has a lot of baseball left in him. He has good numbers in Japan, course I'm not sure how that will translate here:

Darvish hasn't posted an ERA above 2.00 since 2007. HIs 2011 resume included 232 innings of 1.44 ERA ball with a whopping 10.7 K/9 and a 1.4 BB/9 that contributed to his microscopic 0.83 WHIP. He allowed only five home runs in those 232 innings.

It is a lot of money, but he could turn out to be very good. I think you'd be looking at about $12 to $15 million a year for a contract after the posting.