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Bluebird Bantering: Blue Jays Winter Meetings Review

That was a fun few days. Some notes from the week:

  • We traded a pitcher we weren't going to use, for a backup catcher that I wish we wouldn't use. Jeff Mathis, with a career .194/.225/.259 line, will spell J.P. on, hopefully, not too many occasions next year.
  • The Jays filled the closer spot without spending a fortune on a free agent. I like getting Sergio Santos much better than signing a 30 something free agent reliever, he isn't costly us so much money that we can't pick up someone else later if the team wants and, if he does great, we can have him for 6 years. I am a little sad about losing Nestor Molina, but you have to give something to get something.
  • Kelly Johnson stayed, filling the big hole we have in the lineup. As much as the draft picks would have been nice, I am glad he's back. Alex said "It was expected. I had spoken to his agent and it was expected. It's a good outcome for us."
  • We didn't pick up or lose anyone in the Major League Rule 5 draft. In the Triple-A portion we picked up Javier Avendano, a right-handed pitcher, from the Cardinals, who pitched in low-A last year. In 4 minor league seasons he struck out 182 in 179 innings, but walked 71. Gabe Jacobo, a first baseman, from the Angels, who hit .270/.309/.419 with 10 home runs in Double-A Arkansas. And Hector Alvarez, a catcher, from the Mets, who hit .229/.326/.289 in the Gulf Coast League. Some Jay scout must have seen something in those three but I wouldn't be surprised if we never mention them again.
  • Beyond that, we were rumored to be trying to make trades for just about everyone. We'll likely not be making any of those trades. And, for a moment, we were 'one of three teams' that Prince Fielder was considering. With the insane amounts of money players are getting, I can't imagine Fielder coming to us.