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Alex Anthopoulos' Off-Season Wish List

Gregor Chisholm Thwipped this:

Remaining offseason wish list for #BlueJays: front-to-mid rotation SP, middle of the order bat, middle relief (lefty and a righty).

The big bat one, well I don't know, it seems to be a tease to the ones that want him to sign Prince Fielder, no matter how much he costs. He'd be perfect, on a shorter contract, but I very much doubt he'll get less than 8 years. I agree with this thwip from Jeff Passan:

Just got a text from an agent: "Now I believe Boras will get Fielder $200M." Couldn't agree more. The market has been reset.

No way do I want the Jays to be paying that much for Prince. I think he is funny that the same folks that called JP an idiot for the Vernon Wells deal now want the Jays to give Fielder even more money.

The 'front-to-mid rotation SP? It does sound like Yu Darvish would fit the bill, but I think I'll trust Alex and his scouts to decide if Yu is worth the money he'd cost. I'm not thrilled with the idea of trading for Gio Gonzalez. The Met's Jonathon Niese looks interesting and he is just 25, but the Mets will be wanting a lot for him.

I would like to see a lefty reliever added. I have no idea who. I'd pretty happy with the right-handers in out pen. Maybe we should sign Dirk Hayhurst? I like Casey Janssen for he 8th inning but Alex says he would rather Casey for the 7th. There are a few RHP still available in the free agent market. Joel Zumaya would be an interesting choice. Or maybe they can convince Rich Harden he should try a relief role? He might be looking for more money than Alex would like to pay.

What else would you like to see the Jays do?