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Hall of Fame Poll: Rafael Palmeiro

I'm going to skip Phil Nevin, who, looking at his stats, was a better player than I remembered, but not one who should be in the Hall of Fame. He hit 41 homers one year, I didn't remember that.

Rafael Palmeiro is another interesting case. He hit 569 home runs, drove in 1835 and had a .288/.371/.515 line in 2831 MLB games. He had a lot of good seasons but never finished higher than 5th in the MVP voting and he only made 4 All-Star teams. He won 2 Silver Sluggers and 3 Gold Gloves. One of those Gold Gloves is my pick for the worst GG choice ever. In 1999 he played 28 games at first base and 128 at DH for the Rangers, and Gold Glove voters gave him the award. Why? Well the gave him it the year before and why to research before checking the box the next year?

His career numbers are pretty good. He is 12th in career homers, 18th in games played, 25th in hits and 16th in RBI. But then the is this other thing. Yep he said 'I have never used steroids' and then, just a little bit later, he tested positive. Also the tested positive in hypocrisy.