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Richard Griffin uses our favorite line...

Asked about Michael Young, Richard said:

I do like Young as the short-term answer at third base. No fan should be looking at the $48 million for three years left on his contract because it's not our money so why should we care.

Right, this is the guy that ragged on JP about the Vernon Wells contract. If money doesn't matter, why would you trade Vernon? And if you continue along with this train of thought then the next logical step is 'it isn't our team, why should we care about them?' Yep it isn't our money, but we care about the team and we want them to be well run. We want them to make smart moves. We want to feel good about cheering for them. 

If Young was worth the money it wouldn't matter, but since he isn't why would you spend it on him. If he is worth that much money, why are the Rangers having such a hard time trading him? If we took him, in a year, we would be the ones trying to trade him.