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Minor League Signings

The Jays made a handful of minor league signings: pitchers Mike MacDonald and Rommie Lewis (resigned after becoming a free agent when the Jays removed him from the 40-man roster), Craig Stansberry (3B), Leonard Davis (OF) and, as mentioned in Cypruss99's fanpost, Ryan Shealy (1B). 

Also Michael Kelly was released and Chuck Huggins retired. I'm surprised at Huggins, I thought he was doing pretty good. Made it to Double-A last year.

The signings are all minor league depth moves, lots of bad things would have to happen for them to have any meaningful time Toronto, but someone has to pitch innings and take at bats in the minors. MacDonald is 29, RH, he was in the Jays system until the 2009 season. He has a 4.27 ERA in the minors. We drafted him in the 15th round of the 2004 draft. Career numbers are here. Lewis you know about.

Stansberry is 28 and has a .265/.353/.390 line in 854 minor league games. He was a 5th round pick in 2003 by the Pirates

Davis was an 8th round pick back in 2004 by the Expos and has a .269/.326/.472 line in 688 minor league games.