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BBB Podcast - Episode 1 - Never tell me the odds

With pitchers and catchers beginning to report to spring training we are about to have a whole bunch more to talk about  on the site. No longer we will have to agonize over every single rumour that crops up on Twitter, instead we can endlessly agonize over how Drabek looked in a 2 inning warmup primer..... Isn't the life of a fan grand?

To go along with the great news of spring training finally starting I bring the even better news (just play along, ok?) of our very first Podcast! Tom, Hugo and myself thought it would be great to get together and chat about our favorite bird themed baseball team. 

Listen in as we discuss the divide in Jays fandom, the legacy of Vernon Wells, Lineups and rotations for the coming year and predictions for the standings. As a bonus, hear who Hugo's favorite person on the site is... Hint: It isn't me.

We hope to make this a somewhat regular feature on the site and we had a great time recording it so hopefully every enjoys it.

The podcast will be up on ITunes hopefully within the next 48 hours or so but in the mean time you can use the direct link and RSS feed link below to download and listen.


[Direct Link] [RSS]