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Tuesday Bantering

There isn't too much for Jays news out there:

  • Brian Stokes, who was signed to a minor league contract and was invited to spring training, had his contract voided. Something came up in his physical. Rommie Lewis, who was just resigned, has been invited to spring training.
  • Joe Lemire, on, has a list of 10 spring training battles. The Blue Jay he list is the battle for our closer job. I don't really see that as much of a battle, I'd think that, unless there is an injury, Frank Francisco will be the closer. The battle for 4th and 5th starter is far more interesting to me. Kyle Drabek, Jesse Litsch and  Marc Rzepczynski would be the most likely to get jobs, but Scott Richmond, Zach Stewart and maybe Jo-Jo Reyes would be longs shots. 
  • Arash Madani thwipped that Jose Bautista told teammates he wants more than a 4 year, $40 contract. I'm curious if that means he wants both more than 4 year and $40 million or if a 4 year deal for more than $40 million would be good. I can't imagine he would take an average of less that $10 a year on a long term deal. 

Why don't we have a little contest to guess the contract. I know it is more than possible that they won't be able to come to agreement and end up going in front of the arbitrator. But if not, give us your guess on the contract Jose ends up with. I'm going to guess 3 years and $34 million plus a option for a 4th year at $15 million.