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Thursday Bantering: Jose Bautisa

In the 'be careful about what you wish for files', yesterday morning I was whining about having no news to write about, then things go nuts. I mean, early in the morning I was trying to figure how I was going to wring 500 words out of Jon Rauch rolling his ankle. I guess it was humanly possible to do, but I didn't want to be the one. 

Then we found out that Rance Mulliniks and Sam Cosentino were let go by Sportsnet. I really didn't like Rance on the broadcasts, mostly because he never knew when to shut up and let us watch baseball. I feel bad about not liking him because I have a lot of affection for him form his playing days. Course, this morning I had a fleeting thought that Joe Morgan was looking for a job and we have an opening. In a really good move, sportsnet hired Shi Davidi.

Next we sign Scott Podsednik. Hugo did great post comparing him to Corey Patterson. I'm with him that I'd rather have Patterson over Podsednik, but hen I'm not a fan of Scott. I think an extra outfield should have a strength of some sort that I can point to. Podsednik, in a good season has an almost average bat, steals bases at about a break even rate and plays defense in a way that makes you hope never to see him in CF. 

Of course, I'm not sure I wouldn't rather have Darin Mastroianni than either of them, I hope he gets a long look this spring. 

And, course there was the big news. The Jays have a press conference planned for 5:00 Eastern, in Dunedin. I'm not sure I can make it there. It is likely about Jon Rauch's ankle. There has been lots of reaction:

Rob Neyer on SB Nation said:

Roughly speaking? Yeah, he's worth it.

Dave Cameron had a long post on it the deal, he concluded with:

I get why Toronto made this deal. I think there's a pretty decent chance he lives up to the contract, even if he'll likely be perceived as a bust for not repeating his 2010 line each year going forward. However, for me, I'm not sure Toronto got enough of a discount on his expected free agent price to absorb the extra risk of doing this deal now. If my option was take this deal now or let him play out 2011 and re-evaluate at the end of the year, I think I would have waited.

The trouble with waiting is that you don't know if the team could have signed him after next year, if he had another good year. 

Ken Rosenthal likes the deal for the Jays:

The Rays say it all the time: We can't be like other teams. We play in the AL East. We need to be creative, take risks.

The Blue Jays, with their imminent signing of right fielder Jose Bautista to a five-year, $65 million contract, are taking a similar approach, albeit in a more lavish manner.

Richard Griffin likes the signing.

I think that whenever it is finally announced, even given the reported terms, it will be a solid signing for the Jays. Bautista's value to his club is more than just with a bat in his hands. He is a far better defender at two positions than Uggla. He is a far bigger clubhouse presence than is Uggla, relied upon by his team for more than just on-field accomplishments.

Richard, I was with you until the clubhouse presence line. If Griffin is for it, does that mean I have to be against it?